The perfect coat.

“We always recommend wool.”

I bought a coat at the thrift store today.

This may not seem particularly interesting.  Thrift stores are awesome, after all.  I’ve shopped at thrift stores plenty – bought all kinds of home stuff, craft supplies, books.  But with the exception of a very cool t-shirt, I’ve never bought any clothing that wasn’t for a project or a costume.

Until today.

Here in February, when there are more cold days than not, I’d become aware of the fact I didn’t have a grown-up coat, something nice that I could wear to dinner or out for the evening.  I have a warm coat, and really, that’s the most important thing.  But sometimes I wished I had a nice coat.

The thing is, I’ve embarked on the goal of shopping ethically (and really, shopping as little as possible).  And while there are lots of beautiful and ethical coats out there in the world, it seemed rather wasteful to spend a couple hundred dollars on a special occasion coat when I had a perfectly serviceable coat to keep me from freezing.

I was at the thrift store this morning, looking for some textiles to repurpose into a new rug for the bathroom. I walked by a rack of coats and while inspecting a wool blazer for how much fabric I could scavenge from it, I noticed a beautiful cream-colored wool coat.  It was amazing – wool cashmere and angora, vintage buttons, well made, neat stitching and flawless lining.  And y’all.  It was $10.  Ten bucks for a coat that is made beautifully.  And can you get any more ethical and sustainable than a thrift store coat?   I can’t wait to wear it.  It’s elegant and lovely and so much nicer than anything I could have walked into a store and bought.

So, I know.  I’m late to the thrift store game.  But I’ll definitely be back.  Better late than never, right?


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